Flying invoices: FBR nabs two from Faisalabad

Flying invoices - FBR nabs two from Faisalabad
Faisalabad: Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation (Inland Revenue) wing of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Faisalabad Division on Tuesday arrested two people over involvement in issuing fake/flying invoices, GNN reported.

It is learnt here on Tuesday that the regional directorate of the agency in Faisalabad has arrested two people and registered FIRs against them as a consequence of probe that some people were issuing fake and flying invoices involving sales tax amounting to hundreds of millions.

FBR chairman Shabbad Zaidi tweeted, “Congratulate FBR Faisalabad team for unearthing a big fake and flying invoices scam. Two people are in custody after remand. People are warned not to indulge in such activities. Automation has helped greatly in identifying such instances.”

The FBR has also initiated criminal proceedings against those involved in tax fraud.