Transporters continue to strike against govt imposed fines

Transporters continue to strike against govt imposed fines
Karachi: Goods transporters continue to strike on sixth consecutive day against government imposed fines.

According to details, cargo supplies from Karachi remained suspended on the sixth consecutive day on Friday as transporters continued their strike over surge in fines.

The fines have been increased on traffic rules violations on highways and motorways by the government.

According to the transporters, they have decided to halt the cargo supplies after repeated failed requests to the authorities to revise the decision.

They have maintained a stance that despite paying taxes and fines in millions, they were not taken into confidence by the government over the policies that affected them.

The federal government has recently approved revised rates of fines over traffic violations on highways.

The government has raised and categorized the Rs. 750 penalty, which was uniform for every type of violation.

From now onwards, the fine for over speeding will be Rs. 1,500 for motorbikes, Rs. 2,500 for cars, Rs. 5,000 for trucks and Rs. 10,000 for public service vehicles.