Food prices drive up weekly inflation

Food prices drive up weekly inflation
Islamabad: The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) has released weekly data which indicates increase in prices of essential food items.

According to details, the inflation rate has increased by 0.45% in a week.

For the lowest income group earning below Rs. 17,000 per month, the Sensitive Price Index (SPI) increased by 12.24%, while for those earning above Rs. 23,000, SPI was increased by 11.45%.

The PBS calculated that prices of 25 essential items were increased while rates of around nine items were slightly decreased.

Items that witnessed a price increase during the week included chicken, eggs, sugar, flour and lentils etc.

Chicken and eggs recorded an increase of 15.35 and 5.94 percent respectively. After the rates of eggs went up by Rs. 9 per dozen, the price reached Rs 168.

The statistics bureau further reported that the price of sugar increased by Rs. 2 per kg, after which sugar is being sold at Rs 100 per kg.

On the other hand, a 20 kg bag of flour is available in market at Rs. 1048.

Lentils, cooking oil, rice, fresh milk, yoghurt, dry milk, soap, matches and tea leaves also became more expensive this week.

On the other hand, items including bananas, onions, potatoes declined marginally while prices of 17 items including bread, mutton and salt remained stable during the week.