Data of 20,000 Pakistani hacked in recent cyber attack on banks

Data of 20,000 Pakistani hacked in recent cyber attack on banks
Lahore: Another cyber attack scandal comes to lime light as several Pakistani banks’ data was stolen in recent cyber attack.

 According to report released by Pakistan Computer Emergency Response Team (PakCERT), the data of around 20 thousand Pakistanis were put on sale on dark web where as the data of 21 banks was hacked which include credit cards, ATM cards, account number and passwords.
The report said, during mid October, customers who subscribed to banking transaction notifications started receiving alerts of money transfer from their accounts. BankIslami noticed abnormal transactions of Rs.2.6 million on the morning of 27th October and shutdown its international payment scheme.
It added, “Subsequently several others bank issued security alerts and either completely blocked customer’s debit and credit cards or blocked their online and international use. Customers were sent SMS notifications of the changes”.
The PakCERT report also added that the attack On 26th October 2018, a data dump was posted on Darkweb with over 9,000 debit cards, most of which belonged to customers of Pakistani banks. Even though BankIslami came in the limelight and initially the media reported the breach of a single bank but the dump showed a different story as it contained thousands of debit cards of several other banks in Pakistan. 
The report explained about what exactly happened that Hacked credit card data is available in 2 formats on Darknet. Text based credit card details like Full Name, Address, and Phone number, Card Number, Expiry and CVV2 which can be easily used by someone for illegal online purchases. The second format is skimmed dumps which means the hacker was physically