PML-N govt took $13 bln loan in 20 months, reveals Hammad Azhar

PML-N govt took 13 bln loan in 20 months - reveals Hammad Azhar
Islamabad: Minister of State for Revenue Hammad Azhar on Monday revealed that previous government of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) took $13 billion loan in last 20 months of their tenure.

Talking to renowned anchorperson Moeed Pirzada, Azhar maintained that incumbent government was busy in addressing blunders committed in previous ten years.

Azhar further revealed that power sector inflicted a massive Rs600 billion loss on national exchequer in the last 12 months of PML-N’s tenure.

“We have rescued state-institutions from sheer annihilation”, stated state minister while adding, “Once plummeting forex reserves are now increasing at a rapid pace.”

Azhar revealed that current account deficit increased by seven times whereas trade-deficit soared by whooping 100pc in PML-N’s tenure.

State minister continued that trade deficit and current account deficit have decreased by 11pc and 22pc respectively.

On potential bailout package, Azhar revealed that incumbent government was in a continuous contact with international money-lending institution. However, the minister did not disclosed the terms and conditions pertaining to bailout package.

Taking a jibe at former finance minister, Azhar added that only opinion on money-laundering can be taken from Ishaq Dar.