OGRA issues notification of hike in gas prices

OGRA issues notification of hike in gas prices
Islamabad: Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) on Sunday issued a notification regarding an increase in the gas prices which will be applicable from July 1.

The gas prices for residential customers for using up to 50 cubic meter gas monthly will remain unchanged at Rs 121 per cubic meter.

The residential customers will face an increase of 66 percent using 100 cubic meter gas monthly, an increase of 61. 7 percent on use of 200 cubic meters gas monthly and a hike of 123.6 percent for using 300 cubic meters gas monthly.

The gas prices will remain unchanged for use of 400 cubic meter gas on Rs 1460 per unit while prices will also remain unchanged for using gas in a bulk at Rs 780.

The bill for second-slab consumers will go up from Rs572 to Rs933; for third-slab consumers from Rs2,305 to Rs3,712, for fourth slab from Rs3,589 to Rs7,995 and for fifth slab from Rs13,508 to Rs14,373.