Ogra increases gas charges by 39%

Ogra increases gas charges by 39%
Islamabad: Oil and Gas Regu­latory Authority (Ogra) on the advice of the Ministry of Energy has decided to increase gas charges by 39pc for all consumer categories.

There is 9pc increase for commercial and no change for domestic consumers with effect from July 01, 2019. Irrespective of consumption levels, minimum gas charged are payable by every consumer.

The minimum gas charges for residential consumers have been kept unchanged at Rs173 per million BTU, according to the report.

For government and semi government offices, hospitals, educational institutions and official guesthouses, minimum charges have been reduced by 17pc

The minimum charges for commercial consumers and ice factories have been increased by 9pc.

The minimum charges for compressed natural gas (CNG) and cement have been increased by 38.6pc from Rs33, 046 to Rs45, 803 per month.

After an agreement with the IMF, the government had decided to increase gas tariff by up to 200pc for domestic and 31pc for all other categories.