Angelina Jolie evacuated from film set after bomb discovery

Angelina Jolie evacuated from film set after bomb discovery
Hollywood’s prominent actress, Angelina Jolie was forced to evacuate set during shooting after an unexploded bomb was discovered.

Angelina Jolie and her co-star Richard Madden were shooting for their upcoming film ‘The Eternal’, when an unexploded bomb was discovered on sets.

Shocked cast and crew were hauled away as disposal experts were called in.

Panic quickly spread during shooting and everyone was ordered back to a safe distance.

According to a witness, it was terrifying as the bomb could have been there for decades untouched but who knows what might have happened if it was disturbed.

“Some of the biggest stars in the world were on set and nobody was taking any chances. Fortunately, experts dealt with it,” he added.

Jolie, 44, and Brit Bodyguard TV hunk Madden, 33, play leaders Thena and Ikaris in the Marvel superhero flick.

His Game of Thrones co-star Kit Harington, 32, is also in next year’s release.

Also amongst the cast is Game of Thrones veteran Kit Harington, who starred as Jon Snow in the recently ended HBO series.