Two K-Pop stars jailed for raping unconscious woman

Two K-Pop stars jailed for raping unconscious woman
Web Desk: A South Korean court has sentenced two K-Pop stars to prison for gang raping an unconscious woman, the BBC has reported.

Jung-Joon Young, formerly the lead singer of the band Drug restaurant, was sentenced to six-years in prison and Choi-Jong Hoon, former member of the band FT Island, was sentenced to five years in prison by the Seoul Central District court.

Jung, 30, was also charged with filming the unconscious woman during the rape and sharing it on a group chat.

The court also ordered both men to complete 80-hours of sexual-violence courses while also forbidding them from working with children.

The BBC reported that both men shared jokes about the woman and the rape in the group chat, feeling no remorse for their act of violence.

In March this year, Jung had confessed to filming ten women without their permission, leading to a scandal that rocked the K-Pop world which projects a clean-cut image of itself. However, within this year, multiple scandals and deaths have rocked the K-Pop world.

Jung and Choi were caught after police begun investigating Big Bang star Seung-hyun aka Seungri who had been accused of sexual assault in a night club.