Javed Akhtar, Mahesh Bhatt call Modi a fascist

Javed Akhtar, Mahesh Bhatt call Modi a fascist
Mumbai: Two prominent names of Bollywood, Javed Akhtar and Mahesh Bhatt have called Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi a fascist.

While giving an interview to Al-Jazeera, the host asked Indian lyricist, writer Javed Akhtar if he believed Modi was a fascist to which he replied,

“Of course he is. I mean, fascists don’t have horns on their heads. Fascist is thinking and this thinking that we are better than others and whatever problems we have; it is because of these people. The moment you hate people in wholesale you are a fascist.”

When asked about the rising hatred against Muslims and Islamophobia in India, Mahesh Bhatt said that gating Muslims is the lifeline of BJP.

“Well I think Islamphobia, the winds of Islamophobia blew through the world after 9/11 and I think the phobia here is manufactured because I don’t think that the average Indian is so frightened of a Muslim.”

He added, “I mean, that kind of a fear has been crafted, been structured day in and day out, media person go out there, the pliable channels, are working around the clock to create “the other”. They need “the other” to stay in power. And to hate Muslims is the lifeline of BJP. Let’s not mince our words.”

Many Indian celebrities, journalists and politicians are speaking against the discriminatory policies and attitudes of Narendra Modi led government in India especially after the passage of controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) which has sparked massive protests in India.