Mansha Pasha defends Yasir Hussain’s comments on Turkish dramas

Mansha Pasha defends Yasir Hussain’s comments on Turkish dramas
Karachi: After Yasir Hussain’s comments related to Turkish dramas being on-aired on state-run Pakistan Television (PTV), Mansha Pasha has stepped forward to support Yasir’s stance.

Following the success of Turkish drama series Diriliş: Ertuğrul or Ertugrul, Yasir took to Instagram and advised PTV to to make its own historical dramas saying that Turkish serials will destroy the local industry.

He wrote, “PTV should make a historic drama serial and utilize Pakistani artists, who pay taxes and also have expertise in their field besides the technicians.”

He went on to say sarcastically that imported cloth rags and Turkish dramas will destroy the local industry.

Where Yasir was criticized by many for his comments, fellow actor Mansha Pasha pointed out that local content has no support from the government here.

She added that even without any subsidy from the government, if someone manages to gather his own funds, the projects are still banned or pulled off after clearance.

“Those lambasting Yasir Hussain and calling the work in Pakistan "sub-par" seem to have forgotten what it takes to make content here. Even without any subsidy from the govt, even if u manage to gather ur own funds, ur projects can still bet banned or pulled off after clearance,” she wrote.

She further said that she doesn’t often agree with Yasir Hussain but he has a point this time.

“And also (argh i have to say this because ppl are like this). I dont agree with everything Yasir H has said in his entire life just cuz i agree with him regd state sponsoring foreign content. Infact have disagreed with him publicly and privately on many things,” she added.

Earlier this month, Turkish historical adventure series Diriliş: Ertuğrul, titled Ertuğrul Ghazi in Urdu, shattered all popularity records and is trending top on twitter.

The drama has received an unprecedented response in Pakistan, breaking records of some of the blockbusters of Pakistani drama industry.

The serial is a joint production of Turkish Radio and TV (TRT-1) and was first broadcast in December 2014. It is also referred as ‘Turkish Game of Thrones’ and has generated massive ratings for the state-run channel.

The drama series started airing on the state-run Pakistan Television (PTV) on the directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan in Ramadan.