Saba Qamar admits wasting eight years of life trying to save a relationship

Saba Qamar says she wasted eight years of life trying to save a relationship
Karachi: Pakistan’s acclaimed actress, Saba Qamar’s video is taking rounds on social media where she is talking about her relationship that lasted eight years.

Saba Qamar, who has recently launched her own YouTube channel, is sharing different videos in episodes to connect with her fans.

In her first video, she described her isolation period in the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus. Recently, she shared another video, in which she is being interviewed by a host mimicking popular journalist.

Saba is asked various questions related to her personal and professional life, however, the clip that goes viral on social media involves her speaking about her past relationships.

The actress revealed that she had been in a relationship with someone for eight years, but the outcome of this relationship was extremely painful and awful.

“From a very young age, we girls are taught that even if they die, we should never leave the first man who enters our lives. That one sentence ruined eight years of my life. I mistreated and cheated on to another woman.

Saba went on to say that he used to humiliate her often and later married her cousin.

 “He lied to me, mistreated me, humiliated me and later apologized but this relationship was important to me because I was thinking about marriage. I thought he would change but he didn’t and destroyed my mental peace. Soon I got to know that he was interested in his cousin and married her leaving me. I got to know through Facebook status that he had married,” she added.