Disney struggling to make profit with ‘Dumbo’

Disney struggling to make profit with ‘Dumbo’
Disney Studios’ remarkable success with live-action remakes of their animated classics seems to have hit a roadblock with ‘Dumbo’.
The remake of the original hit has not been doing the kind of business it was expected to do. It might still turn a profit for Disney but it will certainly not be the kind of profit Disney is used to seeing.
With a budget of $170 million, Dumbo is right now at $230 million. However, factor in the marketing costs for the film and the budget for the movie probably crosses the $200 million mark.
A second weekend drop of 60% means that Dumbo might not be able to cross the $300 million mark. In all likelihood this remake of the beloved children’s classic will end up breaking even for the studio.

The original Dumbo was a hit for the studios in a time of financial difficulties. It was released during World War II, when overseas markets were shut down because of the war. Disney’s Pinocchio and Fantasia flopped during the same period but Dumbo managed to turn a profit.