Lessons my mother taught me

Lessons my mother taught me
Celebrities recall the life lessons they learned from their mothers.

Humayun Saeed



The most important thing my mother taught me is patience. I learned not to be impatient, to not be desperate for success when the time is not right. Being patient is under rated, it is a virtue that takes you to the pinnacle of your life, personally and professionally. And this art of waiting, I learned from my mother. 

Ayesha Baksh


My mother taught me that if you know and believe that what you are doing is right, then keep on trying because one day success will be yours. She told me that people will scheme against you, they will call you names, they will not understand you and they will try their best to sabotage you. But if your conscience is clear, and what you are doing harms no one, then nothing can stop you. She also advised me to never be afraid of anyone and to ignore the people who try to put obstacles in your path. They are not worthy of your attention. Concentrate only on your own goals.

Fizza Ali


Every single facet of my life bears a deep connection to what my mother taught me. If I cook well, it is because she taught me to do so. If I can stitch clothes, it is because she made sure I learned this skill. She groomed me into a polite person who will always observe good manners. She even taught me how to sing.
It is common for mothers to teach their children such practicalities. My mother went one step further and taught me how to be supportive for your children. When I decided I wanted to join the entertainment industry, some members of my family turned against my decision. At that point, my mother stood beside me, encouraging me to go ahead. She was my rock, and when the time comes, I will be the rock my children will need.




I learned many lessons from my mother. She taught me forgiveness, its virtues and benefits. She taught me to be kind to child and to show respect towards elders. Most importantly, she taught me to call a spade a spade; to have the courage to say that this is wrong and this is right without fear of repercussions. Stand by the truth, always, she ordered me. And so I do. It has made me a better person.

Nadia Hussain



My mother taught me how to deal with all the challenges that life can throw at you. When I started my career, she used to accompany me to shoots, watch my shows and supported me in every way possible. She does that even today.  And through it all, she taught me to be patient when things take a turn for the bad. If, today, I can fight back when the going gets rough, it is only because of her.

Kashif Mehmood


I think the one of the most important skills my mother taught me was how to get ahead in life. She made sure I knew how to recognize people for who they really are. She taught me how to navigate on difficult terrain and still move ahead. She taught me how to walk through the options life gives you and still forge your way ahead.