Hania Aamir slams Yasir Hussain over inappropriate comments

Hania Aamir slams Yasir Hussain over for inappropriate comments
Web Desk: Actor Yasir Hussain just made a crass comment on fellow colleague Hania Aamir as latter spoke about her struggle with anxiety and acne in a post on social media.

During Q&A session on Instagram with fans, Hussain labeled Janaan star ‘Danedaar’.

Hania—who took exception to the derogatory remark—showed utmost restraint in her reply. She stated, “Please excuse my friend. He’s somewhat habitual of making inappropriate comments.”

However, Yasir continued to throw inappropriate remarks in response.

“You called me your friend, that’s why I wrote this. It wasn’t a joke. That’s what you call acne in Urdu, burger [slang for elite]”, posted Yasir.

To this, Hania posted a detailed reply:

“We brush off insecurities and people pointing them out like it’s no big deal but knowing it’s someone’s insecurity and still making fun of it is the worst thing you can do,” she penned. “It is wrong on so many levels!”

Aamir continued, “It’s high time people realise it is not okay to make jokes out of other people’s insecurities. It’s disgusting and not funny at all. Humour is great but be careful with it. Don’t try and act cool about making someone feel bad about what they might consider a flaw. It’s disrespectful. Not funny.”

She concluded with, “Degrading is not funny. I’m not laughing. Nobody is.”