Game of Thrones Ending Leaked: Tyrion dies, Stark to be seated on throne

Game of Thrones Ending Leaked - Tyrion dies, Stark to be seated on throne
Web Desk: As per a leak on a Reddit thread, neither Daenerys Targaryen nor Jon Snow will be crowned the King or Queen and take their place on the Iron Throne. Instead, a Stark family member will be seated on the Iron Throne.

While our choice would be Sansa Stark and many on the internet wish Arya Stark to take over the Iron Throne and rule the seven kingdoms. The leak claims that Brandon Stark will be seated on the throne.

Here's a quick rundown at the leak:

The final season showed Dany's arc turn from the Khaleesi to the Mad Queen vibe. The Queen ruined King's Landing in episode 5. As per the leak, Jon Snow will bring an end to Dany's mad reign by killing her. The leak suggests Jon will stab Dany and eventually surrender himself. Get ready for some "Queen Slayer" tags online.

Well, it's no news that the makers of GoT have shot several endings for the show. But it is news that Tyrion will be arrested for releasing his brother Jaime ahead of the King's Landing attack. He will be put on a trial. Leaks suggest that he will die eventually but the cause of his death is still unknown. Tyrion's trial takes place in a dragon pit. But before he dies, he will try to turn Jon against Dany.

One of the endings claims to be that a council is formed to decide the rightful king. Tyrion delivers a moving speech and everyone votes for Bran as King. Meanwhile, Jon returns to the Night's Watch to become the 1,000th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. Arya also leaves King's Landing. Tyrion, Davos, Sam, and Bronn form the council under Bran.