Meesha Shafi’s team threatened me with #MeToo campaign, alleges activist Hassan Niazi

Meesha Shafi team threatened me with MeToo campaign, alleges activist Hassan Niazi
Web Desk: In a startling claim, human rights’ activist Hassan Niazi—who fought Khadeeja Stabbing case—claimed that he had been threatened by Meesha Shafi’s team with #MeToo campaign.

Niazi took to Twitter and said, “Meesha team hits new low. Sending me threats of MeToo campaign against me. Typical Ayesha Gulalai mindset in community, which damages the metoo campaign for their personal point scoring. Let me make it clear,blackmail me and I will expose u more.”

However, Meesha rebutted allegations hurled at her by the rights activist maintaining that she has never met Niazi.

“Hain? Don’t think I’ve ever met this guy and neither am I accusing him of anything. Although he did inbox me for an RT last year. Don’t remember if I responded. Do remember that I didn’t RT”, tweeted Shafi.

She continued, “Also, by all means all are free to investigate whatever interests them, only to discover a bottomless pit of groped bottoms. All other conspiracy theories are just that. Gaslighting.”