IT: Chapter Two returns with an eerie new trailer

IT Chapter Two returns with an eerie new trailer
Where the first trailer emphasized a nightmarish return home, the second one emphasizes Bill Skarsgard’s unsettling grin as Pennywise, the evil shape-shifting clown who haunts Stephen King’s deceptively bucolic town of Derry, Maine.

Aided by a sterling ensemble cast of teen actors, director Andy Muschietti imbued the 2017 film with tons of atmosphere and a narrative that drew its scares as much from the idea of real-life evils as from the supernatural ones present in Derry. The movie worked because you believed Pennywise, played by Skarsgard with unholy relish, was somehow tied to the evils of small-town life — that he represented the rotting heart of America’s drive for social conformity and penchant for repressing its worst secrets. When the Losers confronted him, they were also confronting a loss of childhood innocence, as well as the lie behind the myth that small towns like Derry are ever truly safe.

The second trailer for Chapter Two feels similar in tone to Chapter One’s second trailer. Instead of emphasizing jump scares, there’s a more gradual sense of all-encompassing fear — it really conveys the idea that Pennywise is an element that pervades the town of Derry. The film’s adult cast, particularly Hader as a grown-up Richie and Isaiah Mustafa as a grown-up Mike, project fear in every scene.

Watch trailer below: