Salty mask can effectively kill coronavirus

Salty masks can effectively kill coronavirus
Toronto: As the growing fear of coronavirus gripped the world badly, people are now adapting many precausionery measures to prevent virus.

A Canadian scientist claimed to found a simple way to prevent coronavirus. The scientist sugested that preventing the Coronavirus from wearing just a simple mask is effective, but by placing a layer of ordinary salt on the same mask, the virus can be effectively killed.

Biomedical Engineer Professor Hugh Jack Choi at the University of Alberta says that the surgical masks used to prevent the corona virus have two drawbacks; first, they can prevent large drops of liquid floating in the air; It is so small that it reaches the nose and then the breath while staying in very fine drops of liquid. Another solution is expensive N95 and N99 type masks that cannot be worn for long.

On the other hand, viruses also get trapped in the holes of the mask, and repeated removal and wearing of the mask can cause the virus to stick to the fingers and hands. So there seemed to be a need for a virus-mask. Its low cost and easy solution has come in the form of salt masks.

As a solution, Professor Hugh-ju Choi has applied a layer of salt to the traditional mask that absorbs water droplets. On the other hand, viruses are exposed to it, for which they have developed a layer containing common salt such as sodium chloride and potassium chloride.

"We tested the saline mask on three types of flu viruses, and in just 30 minutes, the salt layer often eliminated the virus," said Professor Hugh. Although it has not been tested on the new Coronavirus, it is expected to destroy the Coronavirus, just like the rest of the influenza virus.

Now, the university has said that this mask can be widely marketed in one to one and a half years if it becomes a business partner. Until then, scientists recommend that they wash their hands and face thoroughly every time they wear and remove the mask, and if possible change the mask a few days later and clean the first mask thoroughly.

Previously He suggested that infection can be greatly reduced by leaking salt on door-opening squares and stair railing.