Coronavirus may 'burn out naturally'

Coronavirus, vaccine, WHO chief
London: Coronavirus could burn out naturally before any vaccine is developed, former Chief of the World Health Organization (WHO) has claimed.

Professor Karol Sikora, who previously directed the WHO’s cancer programme, said, “We are seeing a roughly similar pattern everywhere – I suspect we have more immunity than estimated”.

“We need to keep slowing the virus, but it could be petering out by itself. It is my opinion that this is a feasible scenario.”

His hopeful comments come days after a new study in the International Journal of Clinical Practice, using local authority “R” transmission rate data, estimated some 19 million people are “likely” to have already contracted the virus in the UK.

Epidemiologists’ efforts to surmise and monitor the true spread of the virus have been hindered by UK government’s decision to abandon widespread testing and contact-tracing in mid-March.