Humans may be growing horns. Cell phones may be the cause.

Humans may be growing horns. Cell phones may be the cause.
Poor posture while using smart phones could be causing young people to develop horn-like bone spurs on the back of the skull, the Washington Post reported on Friday.
The newspaper has quoted a research produced by University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. The research has solid evidence that frequent use of mobile devices could fundamentally be altering our physiology. Specifically, resulting in the appearance of horn-like bone spurs on younger adults.
Technology’s impacts on human mental health,relationships and quality of life is well documented. But, according to Washington Post, this new research states that technology may be having a profound impact on our skeletal system as well.
According to the research, users of mobile devices regularly tilt their heads forward to view them which shifts the weight of the head from the spine to muscles in the back of the head causing bones to grow in the tendons and ligaments.
“Our findings raise a concern about the future musculoskeletal health of the young adult population and reinforce the need for prevention intervention through posture education,” the report concludes.

The authors further state that poor health and disability due to musculoskeletal disorders impose increasing physical, social and financial burdens on individuals and societies.