Two more die of dengue in Rawalpindi

Two more die of dengue in Rawalpindi
Rawalpindi: Dengue epidemic, which has of late spread rapidly in the country, has claimed two more lives in Rawalpindi.

48-year-old Zahid and 50-year-old Rasheed were undergoing treatment in Benazir Bhutto Hospital when they succumbed to the disease.

With this, the death toll due to dengue has reached 30 in the city.

In last 24 hours, 162 new cases were reported in the city and around 6000 people have so far been diagnosed with the virus.

Even in Sindh’s Karachi, the number of dengue patients is increasing at alarming rate. According to Dengue Control Program, more than 10,000 cases have been reported so far in the Karachi.

Hospital sources reveal that around 100-150 patients are getting admitted in hospitals on daily basis.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, 94 new cases of dengue were reported in last 24 hours and overall 4600 patients have been diagnosed with dengue.

According to Dengue Response Unit, 2100 patients are admitted in different hospitals of Peshawar.

Doctors have requested the government to provide free diagnostic tests of dengue, malaria and typhoid.