Nimrita Kumari was not murdered, pathalogical report reveals

Larkana: Mystery shrouding the death of final-year medical college Nimrita Kumari on Monday took a new turn after a pathalogical report claimed that no traces of murder were found from her dead body, GNN reported.

Liaqat University of Health Sciences has sent Nimrita's pathalogical report to Larkana Police.

According to report, no trances of her murder were found as her heart, kidneys, lungs and liver were in normal condition.

The report further stated that neither emphysema was detected in her lungs nor poison/intoxicated material was found in the viscera sent to the laboratory.

On Sept 17, two students of the Chandka Medical College, identified as Mehran Abro and Ali Shah, were arrested in suspicion of Nimrita Kumari's murder.

Police authorities maintained that the accused [Mehran Abro] had also revealed that he had turned down a marriage proposal from the deceased. Police officials also claimed to have recover sleeping pills from deceased’s room while expressing possibility that Nimrita might have been taking them to cope anxiety.

On Sept 16, ill-fated Nimrita Kumari was found dead in her hostel’s room. The initial autopsy report termed suicide cause of the death. However, the family of the deceased has rejected the report while demanding judicial inquiry into the matter.