Ways to protect yourself from Smog

Ways to protect yourself from Smog
Lahore: Every winter, the cities in upper and central part of Pakistan wear a blanket of fog; which is primarily due to a particular climate zoning, but the problem is getting worse with each passing year.

With a thick blanket of smog covering Lahore, residents have been forced to take drastic measures as gasp for breath accompanied with sore throats and watery eyes.

Caused predominantly by car fumes, industrial emissions, smoke coming out of hundreds brick kilns around the city, burning of rubbish and crop residue in nearby fields, and dust flying from the building sites, the smog in Lahore has forced Punjab government to announce the closure of all schools today despite earlier paying a deaf ear to the extremely hazardous situation.

Here's what you can do keep yourself safe during smog in Lahore

• Use Face Mask:
Before heading out the door, make sure to cover the face with either a mask or some sort of handkerchief

• Stay Hydrated:
Increase water intake and drink at timely intervals

• Wash Eyes:
In case the eyes begin to burn, it is recommended to splash water on the eyes every hour or so, as well as to gurgle water timely

• Use Handkerchief:
Do not touch your eyes, mouth or nose with dirty hands, use handkerchief instead

• Consult Doctor:
In case eyes begin to get inflamed or red, consult a doctor at the earliest

• Do not exercise in smoggy weather
Try to exercise only in early morning or evening or exercise inside to avoid smog. Do not go for exercising late in the morning as during that time the smog content in the air is extremely high which makes it poisonous