Pakistan would no longer become part of any conflict, war: PM

Pakistan would no longer become part of any conflict, war: PM
Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Pakistan would no longer become part of any conflict or war.

While addressing the International Conference in Islamabad on Thursday, he said that Pakistan has suffered immensely in war against terrorism.

“We lost far more then we got in war against terrorism. In 1980s we were part of the Afghan war and even in 90s we were the frontline state in war against terror. What we have learnt from the experiences is that from now onwards Pakistan will be a bridge builder and conciliator between rival countries,” he said.

Prime Minister added that Pakistan should learn from the experiences of China and US.

“The infrastructure development in china is commendable. When the US was fighting war against terror, China was spending its money on improving infrastructure. China also had conflicts but it did commit to war,” PM said.

Imran Khan further stated that Pakistan’s geo-strategic position is ideal from the perspective of investment and tourism. He added that his government is making it easier for people to visit Pakistan.

“The last ten years were tough for our country in terms of tourism and business opportunities but we are opening up all our areas including northern side for tourism. Even the international cricket has returned home after a decade,” he said.

PM stated that Pakistan is playing significant role in regional peace building.

“We hope that recent talks would lead to peaceful political solution in Afghanistan because the only way forward is a political solution rather military one. Saudi Arabia has always helped Pakistan. When my government came into power Saudi Arabia was the first country to offer help in order to stabilize economy. Similarly Iran is also our neighboring country and Pakistan is trying its best to remove conflict between the two countries,” he said.

Prime Minister added that President Trump also asked him to talk to Iranian leadership in order to pave dialogue with the US.  

“China offers us greatest hope in improving productivity. They have offered us new technologies to uplift our agriculture and industrial sectors,” he said.

Imran Khan said that the only problem is India which is unfortunately in the grip of extremist ideology.

“I know India better than most Pakistanis. What is happening in India is tragic. It has been taken over by an ideology built on hate and racist supremacy. They are selling hatred and this ends up in bloodshed,” he said adding,

“When the same happened in Germany no one understood where Nazi ideology would head the country. In 4 years Germany went from liberal democracy to a totalitarian fascist state. Same is going to happen in India. Their media has been scared into submission. With every passing day it will more difficult to handle it. Eventually it will lead to destruction because Indian people will be marginalized by this ideology,” he said.

Speaking on the issue of Kashmir, PM said that what they have done in Kashmir right now is alarming.

“The moment they will lift curfew, there is going to be bloodshed. Kashmir is an example of worst humanitarian crisis. The situation is very difficult for Pakistan. How can we extend a hand of friendship to India in such a situation?” he asked.

PM stressed on the need for international community to play significant role.

“I believe this is the situation when where the world has to step in and play a role. The international community does not realize that there are two nuclear armed states face to face and with this extremist ideology in India, God knows where this could lead eventually,” PM said.

He added that the consequences of this going wrong would have disastrous effects for the whole world.