Dr. Yasmeen held press conference under pressure from PM: Aurangzeb

Dr. Yasmeen held press conference under pressure from PM: Aurangzeb
Lahore: PML-N spokesperson, Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that Yasmeen Rashid’s press conference was held under pressure from Prime Minister Imran Khan which is condemnable.

According to details, Marriyum Aurangzeb has condemned the presser of Punjab’s Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid and said that the presser was based on lies.

“Nawaz Sharif’s rubidium PET scan was conducted today. The health minister staged a political drama despite submission of Nawaz Sharif’s medical reports. Unfortunately, Imran Khan’s politics is just limited to Nawaz Sharif and his health,” she said.

Aurangzeb said that medical board had itself recommended that Nawaz Sharif should travel abroad after analyzing his reports.

“The medical board headed by Dr. Yasmeen Rashid has suggested moving Nawaz Sharif abroad for treatment as no doctor was willing to take risk with his health here. As per court’s orders, all reports are being submitted to court and Punjab government for verification, then what is the need to create this drama?” she said.

She offered Dr. Yasmeen Rashid to visit London herself if she wants to check upon Nawaz Sharif’s health.

Aurangzeb also criticized PTI minister by stating that instead of delivering press conferences based on lies, she should focus on improving the quality of health in Punjab.

“Why did she not talk about the discontinuation of free medicines in public hospitals? I would advise them to address real public issues instead of focusing on Nawaz Sharif’s health,” she said.

Earlier today, provincial health minister Yasmeen Rashid termed Nawaz Sharif’s medical report submitted by his lawyer Khawaja Haris as unsatisfactory and insufficient.