“Swear upon Holy Quran!” Rana Sana and Shehryar Afridi face off in NA

“Swear upon Holy Quran!” Rana Sana and Shehryar Afridi face off in NA
Islamabad:The long awaited face-off between Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz(PML-N) leader Rana Sanaullah and State Minister for Narcotics Control,Shehryar Afridi finally took place in the National Assembly where both leaders expressed willingness to swear upon the Holy Quran to establish their honesty.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Shehryar Afridi addressed the house first, expressing his desire that Rana Sana should have been present in the session. “If he can hear me, I hope he comes. I was not present on Friday, Rana Sana should have waited for my reply,” the minister said in reference to a speech made by the PML-N leader in which he had berated Afridi for constructing a false case against him.

Referring to the media and PML-N demand during Rana Sanaullah’s imprisonment that the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) present video evidence of confiscating drugs from Rana Sanaullah’s car, Afridi said that PML-N leader Abid Sher Ali’s father had said that Rana Sana killed 21 people. “There were videos of those?” he asked.

“Why is Rana Sana running away from the trial since seven months? Why was no punishment given in the Model Town and Ayyan Ali video case,” Afridi said. The treasury benches at this point shouted “Model Town, Model Town”

At this point, Rana Sanaullah entered the parliament and was welcomed with his party’s slogans “Shehryar” (The lion is here). Afridi waited in silence till the PML-N stalwart was seated and then started his speech again.

“Look at his body language, he is confused, he carries Quran everywhere, he should act on it,” Afridi said and then mentioned his oft-quoted words “I have to give my life to God” were made fun of.

After Afridi sat down, Rana Sanaullah begun his speech by mentioning that the Model Town case is under trial and whatever verdict will come will be accepted by him. Then he discussed the ANF case against him and said that in every case there is an investigation and then a trial. “ANF did not even tell me what I was arrested for. I found that out through the court. There was no investigation, no inquiry. No investigative officer asked me a single question, not even after 16 hours, “he revealed.

“I never had any contact with any drug seller, if I did may God’s wrath befall me,” he continued.

“Shehryar Afridi knows the truth about the case. If he believes what he is saying then he should swear upon the Holy Quran and say as God is my witness,” Rana Sanaullah then asked for a copy of Quran to be brought to the session.

“If he swears upon the Holy Quran, then God will do justice between us,” he said at which point he was interrupted by the Speaker who said that court matters will be resolved in the court and not in the National Assembly.