PM Imran needs training from Erdogan to get rid of IMF: Dr Shahid Masood

PM Imran needs training from Erdogan to get rid of IMF: Dr Shahid Masood
Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan will have to learn tactics from Turkish President in order to get rid of the International Monetary Funds (IMFs), said senior analyst Dr Shahid Masood.

Talking on GNN’s show, ‘Live with Dr Shahid Masood, he said that Turkey was also trapped by the global lander through loans but Erdogan in 2008 had vowed to get rid of it and he made it happen in 2013.

Revealing the historic facts, Masood said that Turkey’s former prime minister Adnan Menderes has rejected a proposal about getting loan from the IMF in 1954.

The veteran journalist said that he [Menderes] however, had won the 1954 elections as well but the IMF managed to keep a tight rein on the government and later Menderes was defeated in the next elections.

It was the time when Turkey’s economy suffered continuous downfall, Masood highlighted.

In 2001 when a economic crisis engulfed Turkey, it had received $20 billion package from the IMF, the senior journalist said, adding that all the loans were cleared under the leadership of Erdogan in 2013.

He added that number of issues surfaced after 2013 but Erodagan remained reluctant to approach the IMF, which has been pushed the government to take loans.

The global lander also support the opposition parties of Turkey, he said, adding: “That is why President Erdogan calls them an agent of the IMF”.

After ending all agreements with the IMF, now Turkey gives $5 billion to the IMF for giving loans to other countries, he said.