Need to expedite Coronavirus screening process, says Bilawal

Need to expedite Coronavirus screening process, says Bilawal
Islamabad: Chairperson Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto has said that merely lockdown is not a solution and government needs to expedite Coronavirus screening process.

While addressing a press conference via video link in Karachi today, he said that Coronavirus crises will need to be taken seriously so that it can be tackled with unity.

“The federal government will have to play its role positively and efficiently. It is essential to speed up the screening process and for that we need more testing kits. We also need to establish more quarantine centers in order to isolate suspected and confirmed patients,” he said.

He further said that the state has to give the message that regardless of a citizen's status, their safety will be the priority.

Bilawal said that Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire in European and other developed countries as well.

“We need to act now in order to avoid any medical disaster. We need to improve our healthcare system on emergency basis. Government has to take immediate steps in order to contain this pandemic,” he said.

He added that there are 94 cases of local transmission in Karachi.

“I request people to stay at home and cooperate with Sindh government in these testing times,” he said.

The number of total coronavirus cases has surged to 1,000 in Pakistan while 19 people have recuperated from the disease so far.


The country reported 24 cases during the last 24 hours. The infectious disease has claimed eight lives in Pakistan while five patients are reported to be in critical condition. Trains and flights operations have been suspended in the country.