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Initial report of PIA plane crash surfaced | GNN HD News

Initial report of PIA plane crash surfaced

Initial report of PIA plane crash surfaced
Karachi: Investigators probing the tragic plane crash in Karachi believed that the ill-fated flight faced technical glitches before it was struck by a flock of birds, GNN reported.

The preliminary report has been submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). It says the landing gear of the plane jammed before birds hit the engine.

Pilot tried to move down following the rules and regulations after technical issues in the landing gear, the report said, adding that both engines of the aircraft went off after encounter with birds.

The plane started losing height due to engine issues and it crashed in a residential area before reaching the runway, which is around 4km away from the site.

According to initial report, the pilots also made mayday call before the crash. The plane was gliding when it hit the upper portion of a builing.

Multiple causalities have been reported after a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane with around 100 passengers crashed near Karachi airport.

According to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), flight PK8303 took off from Lahore airport and was slated to land at Jinnah International airport when it crashed in the residential area of Madina Colony in Malir, nearly 4km away from the site of incident.

Few houses and cars also damaged in the incident, besides injuring number of local residents.