Kaira lashes out at Shehzad Akbar

Kaira lashes out at Shehzad Akbar
Lahore: Qamar Zaman Qaira on Sunday lashed out at Shehzad Akbar, declaring that the Special Advisor to the Prime Minister was only retained to insult people.

"We know neither of his nationality nor his assets," the PPP leader said in withering criticism. "He used to wave around papers and say we have proof of Rs. 10 billion corruption but where did those proofs go, no one knows."

PML-N leader Dana Sanaullah also lashed out at Shehzad Akbar, asking what became of the Rs. 200 billion the federal government was supposed to recover from abroad. "If there had been no coronavirus, then this would have been the year of mid-term elections," Rana Sanaullah said.

At the All Parties Conference held at Bilawal House for opposition parties, Kaira told the media that everyone had agreed to not allow the privatisation of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM). He thanked PML-Q for attending the moot. "When there is pressure from the public, political parties have to answer," he said while adding that the workers of PSM are looking towards Asad Umar now.

"Every week the government initiates a new story. Crisis are increasing and also being created. They have no solution for problems and detain PPP and PML-N leadership in jail without reason. The government has completely failed in tackling coronavirus pandemic. The need was for national unity but opposition was abused when they emphasized on it," he told the press.

"Basically they are fascists and in a fascist government, opposing voices are stifled," Kaira said. He added that the government had also failed to collect tax revenue and was now using coronavirus pandemic as an excuse.