Here’s how Pakistanis being ripped off money in guise of taxes on petrol

Here’s how public being ripped off money in guise of taxes on petrol
Lahore: The federal government is receiving Rs44.55 on per litre petrol in wake of taxes from public already facing economic fallout of coronavirus pandemic, revealed GNN on Saturday.

According to statistics, one litre petrol cost Rs55.71 in April 2020 but it was priced at Rs96.58 by government, receiving Rs31.19 as taxes. The transport cost of one litre fuel was Rs9.68 at that time.

In May, the government had purchased the petroleum commodity for Rs35.73 while it was available to public at Rs81.58 as the government had raised taxes on it. It collected Rs35.61 per litre on one litre petrol in the month.

For the month of June, the federal government had slashed petrol price by Rs7 to Rs74.52 while it imported the fuel at Rs23.99 from international market. After excluding transport cost, the government received Rs40.83 in wake of taxes.

After a recent hike in petroleum made by the government on Friday, it is now receiving Rs44.55 per litre as it had bought the commodity at Rs44.86.