Senate rejects Anti-Terrorism (Third Amendment) bill 2020

Senate rejects Anti-Terrorism (Third Amendment) bill 2020
Islamabad: The senate has rejected the Anti-Terrorism (third amendment) bill 2020 on Wednesday after it was brought forward before the upper house of the Parliament.

According to details, the senate has rejected Financial Action Task Force (FATF) related Anti-Terrorism (third amendment) bill with a majority vote as 31 lawmakers voted in its favor and 34 lawmakers opposed it.

The same bill was approved by national assembly in its session on Tuesday.  The bill, aimed at addressing the issue of terror financing, had been tabled by Faheem Khan.

The bill was added through a movement into the agenda of National Assembly. Opposition members had protested against bringing the bill as a side agenda, but the government approved it through a majority vote.

The anti-terrorism bill also calls to introduce new techniques to the investigation techniques during the probe. The investigation officer would inquire regarding the laundered money within sixty days after being granted permission from the relevant court.

The probe into the matter could be further extended after approval from the concerned court.

The senate session has been adjourned till 10 am on Friday but the rejected bill will be tabled in Parliament’s session this evening.