Sindh to give its verdict against PTI government on Oct 18: Palwasha

After Punjab, Sindh will give its verdict against government on Oct 18: Palwasha
Karachi: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Palwasha Khan has said that Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) rally in Gujranwala has shown that Prime Minister Imran Khan's time is over now.

While addressing media in Karachi on Saturday, she said that a clear line has been drawn with public on one side and Imran Khan on the other.

“Punjab has given its decision already,” she said referring to PDM’s first public meeting, “Tomorrow Sindh will give its verdict against government.”

The PPP leader further stated that there was no difference between Punjab and Occupied Kashmir yesterday.

“The government used all means to stop our workers but yesterday was a historic moment in Gujranwala. People from all over the world have sent dictators home through powerful public movements,” she stated.

Palwasha further stated that rented Pakistan Tehree-e-Insaaf (PTI) spokespersons clung to screens all day, counting people in rally.

“There will only be traitors in Karachi tomorrow,” she added.

Lashing out at government, she said that they are responsible for inflation, unemployment and corruption in the country.

“No one in the country has done more corruption than Imran Niazi. Before these people pick you up from the PM house and throw you away, go yourself. Your time is up,” she said while addressing Imran Khan.

Earlier yesterday, PDM held first public gathering in Gujranwala against the incumbent government over what it calls bad governance and stealing elections in 2018.