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Natural disasters in 2020; the year the earth was ravaged | GNN HD News

Natural disasters in 2020; the year the earth was ravaged

Natural disasters in 2020; the year the earth was ravaged
The novel coronavirus pandemic was the most prominent, though not the only natural disaster that was unleashed on the world in 2020. As far as natural calamities go, this was a particularly cruel year, costing billions of dollars in loss around the planet.


In some cases unleashing irreversible damage on species and places. The following are the major disasters that struck around the globe in 2020.


Australian Bushfires

Although Australia ususally sees bushfires in the dry season, January 2020 saw the scattered events turn into a raging inferno that destroyed everything in its path. By March, the fires had burned an estimated 18.6 million hectares, destroyed almost 6,000 buildings and causing 34 deaths. More worryingly, the fire affected almost three billion vertebrates, the majority of which were reptiles, and drove some species either into or close to extinction. The loss caused by the bushfires is yet to be calculated however it is estimated to easily cross the $4.4 billion caused by previous bushfires.


Biblical plague makes a comeback

Driven in part by global warming, swarms of locusts descended on East Africa, Middle East and South Asia, including Pakistan and India. Torrential rainfall in East Africa, a consequence of global warming and changing weather patterns, is said to be responsible for triggering the disaster which resulted in decimated crops across the region.



Wildfires in California

California experienced its worst fire season on record, as well as its single largest fire on record. Colorado, Washington and Oregon also experienced their largest fires, giving rise to an unprecedented disaster as air quality across the region plummeted. Pictures of an orange San Francisco city went viral on twitter, as the largest economy in the world battled its worst fire.


Most Active Hurricane Season

The Atlantic Ocean recorded its most active hurricane season, triggered once again, by global warming. More than 30 named hurricanes made landfall, destroying swathes of land across the Caribbean and Central America and killing more than 400 people.


Karachi Drowned in Record Rains

Record rainfall quite literally drowned the coastal city of Karachi, Pakistan’s economic hub, as the worst flooding to have ever hit the city since 1931 took place in the monsoon season. In the last week of August, 298.4 mm of rain poured down, deluging the city as homes, businesses and commercial areas flooded with water. Electricity remained down for days on end as inadequate sewage did not let the water recede, paralyzing the city for more than a week.