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Lahore facing worse air quality index in world after smog engulfs

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Lahore: Provincial capital facing alarming situation on first days of smog as the Air Quality Index in Lahore reaches upto 402 which is said to be hazardous for health of citizens.

According to international index calculator, Air Visual, the in some areas of Lahore the index is 402 while in some areas it was 309. 402 index was calculated at Garden town while 309 was calculated The Mall. The small particular pm 2.5 was calculated at 351.5.  
Smog engulf Lahore on third consecutive year in a row as citizens are suffering from several problems including eye itching.
The Met department has predicted the rain on November 1 which may bring some relief for the citizens.
In previous years, the smog caused several diseases which include eye itching, breathing problem and other lungs diseases.
According to the World Health Organization, the people living in polluted areas have higher risks of stroke, heart disease and lung cancer, chronic and acute respiratory diseases.
Citizens of Lahore are currently facing breathing problems, throat infections, as well as eyes and nose irritation due to heavy smog from last two days.
Smog is the result of atmospheric pollutants or gases, which are formed when fuels are burnt. When sunlight reacts with these fuels, smog is formed. The smog mostly comprises of nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and other aerosols.
Doctors in this regard has recommended citizens to cover their noses and mouths and wear protective glasses and helmets to fight the effects of smog.