Unable to speak, hear, teacher in Karachi taking the art education to new heights

Karachi: Special art teacher taking the art education in Karachi to the new level as unable to speak and hear Ahmad Paracha is teaching figure drawing at Karachi School of Arts (KSA) in a different way.

In Pakistan people with disabilities are usually ignored due to lack of resources, awareness among people and proper training of masses. Life of Ahmad Paracha is role model for the people with special abilities to not let them disabilities become weakness.
Lecturer of figure drawing at Diploma in Fine Arts KSA, Ahmad told G News Network (GNN) that his ambitions were high therefore his weakness neither become hurdle in education nor in building up of personality.
Ahmad Paracha went on saying, “I never let my disability become challenge for me, neither let it become my weakness. This was reason behind my success as artist and as teacher.”
His mother said that she used to remain very conscious about his future.
One of his students Madiha Siraj observed that Paracha’s body language, expressions and sign language brought students in depth which creates ease for them to learn.
Head of Academic KSA Romaila Akram said that we donot use the word disable for such people rather we use word “people with other abilities”.