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Stress Awareness Day educates masses on strategies to get rid of stress

Stress Awareness Day educates masses on strategies to get rid of stress
Lahore: Stress Awareness Day was observed on Wednesday with the aim to create awareness among masses regarding provision of information and strategies to address the stress.

International Stress Management Association (ISMA) established Stress Awareness Day with the aim to provide information on stress, and strategies on how to address it for individuals.
According to ISMA, stress in itself has been shown to have a negative impact, both on individual life expectancy and on quality of life. However, it has also been shown to be one of the main catalysts in developing serious mental health conditions and contributes towards their severity. Therefore, if we stand any chance of preventing mental health difficulties in the future, it is paramount that more attention is given to the topic of stress and how it can be prevented
Unfortunately, in Pakistan there is no such data available regarding stress or none of the organization has worked regarding this.
ISMA commissioned a research to look into the prevalence and impact of work-related stress and mental health issues in the UK.
According to this report more than 350 people participated in this survey-based study. These individuals were from a range of age groups and professions, including the public, private, and third sectors. The results suggest that around 94% of people in the UK experience work-related stress, with work-related issues contributing more to people’s stress levels than difficulties regarding relationships, health and finances combined.
The average person in the UK spends around 12 years of their life at work. As well as taking up a significant part of our lives, the experience of work can become a major source of stress for many people.
ISMA shared the way to celebrate Stress Awareness Day by taking the opportunity to remove the stress from your life for the day. Take the time to examine your life and find out where all the stressors lie, and start looking into taking steps to remove them or find ways to mitigate them. Removing stress from your life can start off as a stressful experience, so it can help to get the assistance from organizations like ISMA to look into strategies and support in how to manage those things in your life that cause stress.