No military solution to Afghan conflict: PM Imran

No military solution to Afghan conflict: PM Imran
Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday reiterated his stance that there was no military solution to Afghan conflict, said a statement issued by the PM Office media wing.

During cabinet meeting, the premier said that the government's viewpoint was now being vindicated by US Special Representative Zamlay Khalilzad rest of the world.

He said Khalilzad was sent by President Donald Trump for Afghan reconciliation. "I was glad that i met Zalmay Khalilzad," he said.

"I have been saying this for 15 years that  negotiations are the only solution to Afghan problem," said he.

"We would try to bring peace to Afghanistan trough reconciliation process," the prime minister said.

Talking about Yemen, he said Pakistan has  found an opportunity to play mediator. "We will also  make efforts for peace in Yemen".

He expressed disappointment over the kind of reaction that came from some sections of Indian media and politicians  after the inauguration of Kartarpur Corridor.

Khan said Pakistan has no desire to take advantage of the  initiative  which would facilitate members of Sikh  community to visit their  sacred  places.

In his address, the prime minister lauded his financial team for what he said their performance despite  the  challenges facing the economy.

He said representatives of Suzuki, Pepsi, and Exxon Mobil have pledged to make investment in Pakistan.