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"8 years ago, I was refused treatment because of my stage four cancer"

Eight years ago, I was refused treatment because of my stage four cancer.
A sneaky enemy; you couldn’t find out until it reached an advanced stage


Qazi Saad


In the foggy and cold month of December of 2011, I was given the devastating news that I was suffering from Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells, in the nose and the respiratory tract. Cancer is a sneaky enemy; you don’t find out that you have cancer until it has reached an advanced stage. At that point, most doctors have trouble bringing the patient back to health.

Like many other cancer patients, I made my way to the best known cancer hospital; however, they refused to treat me as my cancer had advanced to the fourth stage. Nobody wants to accept a death sentence, and I was no different. I wanted a second opinion.

And so, I headed to Anmol, a government organization. There, Dr. Muneeb Nasir took a look at my reports and said that if I didn’t lose hope; my treatment could prove to be effective. The desire to become healthy rekindled in my mind and I began treatment.

Whenever someone is told that they have cancer, they go through mental anguish. And when doctors tell him to go for a particular test, this anguish increases because unfortunately, most of the tests that are required during cancer treatment are very expensive.

I went through all these stages and kept my treatment going. I was put under radiation to kill the cancer cells, and finally, I was given good news. My cancer had disappeared and I was disease free. But just a short while later, the cancer came back inside the nose.

Now my doctors decided to try chemotherapy. This was a grueling regimen. I became weaker and weaker, and lost all my energy. My doctors recommended that I must change my diet, and dutifully I did so.

At this point, a friend gave me the book ‘The China Study’ by T. Colin Campbell. This book has been written after 25 years of research. I will not go into all its details here, but in short, the book advices us to eat nuts, eat lesser food than is normal, and avoid all kinds of processed foods.

I would also like to request my readers to make a couple of lifestyle changes which will improve their health. One, avoid all sorts of fast food, as this is also suspected to cause cancer. The other would be to take renal tests as those can help detecting cancer at an early stage.

Additionally the following steps can help patients in beating this dreaded disease:


  • Never lose hope or the willpower to live.


  • Follow your doctor’s advice exactly.


  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season.
  • And finally, pray to God that he grants you health and the determination to fight this malady.