Sorry state of affairs: 11000 bridges of Pakistan Railways have crossed expiry date

Sorry state of affairs - 11000 bridges of Pakistan Railways have crossed expiry date
Lahore/Islamabad: Out of 13000 bridges of Pakistan Railways, 11000 have crossed their expiry dates, revealed senior journalist Mian Shahid.

He added that these life-expired bridges are over 100-year-old and majority of them have not be repaired. Likewise, Pakistan Railways is running 606 life-expired passenger trains.

“9000 freight trains have past their expiry dates. There are myriad number of gaps in railway’s tracks whereas several areas are without gates”, stated the senior journalist.

He further added that over during the year 2017-18 [when Saad Rafique was serving as railways minister], Pakistan Railways suffered 69 accidents.

Shahid added, “During the same year, the income of Pakistan Railways stood at Rs53 billion whereas deficit stood at Rs37 billion while the total expenditures of the department were whooping Rs90 billion. PR was paying Rs 34 billion to pensioners and running 100 trains.”

“When Sheikh Rashid took over the reins of the Pakistan Railways, the department witnessed 81 hapless accidents during the first 11 months of Rashid’s tenure whereas department is running 136 trains. The deficit has soared to Rs39 billion from Rs37 billion. Likewise, expenditures have augmented to Rs97 billion. Rashid has set an unrealistic income target of Rs53 billion”, revealed Mr. Shahid.

He further added that whole system of PR virtually remained crippled after every accident whereas fares of the newly-launched 12 trains were hiked thrice.

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