India's Kashmir move is a serious escalation, Pakistan Ambassador to US says

India's Kashmir move is a serious escalation, Pakistan Ambassador to US says
Pakistani Ambassador to the U.S. Asad Majeed Khan while reacting to the current situation in Indian-administered Kashmir said that India’s move to abrogate Articles 370 and 35A could lead to serious escalation.

While giving interview to an American news channel Bloomberg, Asad Majeed Khan said that U.S. must do more to help defuse this situation and inject some more sanity on the Indian side.

“We would expect that from all our friends. It really is a question of principle."

He further said that Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan “really hit it off very well” with President Donald Trump during his visit to Washington last month.

“Frankly, the U.S. could have made or should have made a stronger statement,” he said while referring to recent crisis in Kashmir, “As a major proponent of human rights, as the world’s leading democracy and also as the preeminent power today in the world, I think the kind of repression that we are seeing is something that warrants a strong response from the United States.”

Pakistan on Wednesday announced to suspend trade and limit diplomatic relations with India. Speaking on those decisions, the ambassador said that Pakistan will review bilateral agreements, take the matter to the UN Security Council and ensure its army remains vigilant.

“We would not look to escalate, but we will respond in a very befitting manner if there is any violation of our territory,” he said adding that he predicts more violence in Kashmir in upcoming days.

He further said that India has turned the whole valley into the largest prison in the world and although Pakistan is prepared for any aggression from India, but Islamabad is not going to be the one who would resort to any action to endanger peace in the region.

The ambassador also warned that international community will be witnessing the genocide of the Kashmiris once a curfew is lifted.

”All this is happening at a time when we have a government and prime minister who is completely committed to seeking peace,” Asad Majeed said.