Modi has made strategic blunder in Kashmir: Imran Khan

Modi has made strategic blunder in Kashmir: Imran Khan
Muzaffarabad: Prime Minister if Pakistan, Imran Khan on Wednesday said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a strategic blunder in Kashmir.
The premier was in the capital of Azad Kashmir to celebrate Independence Day in solidarity with Kashmiris.
The Prime Minister addressed a special session of the legislative assembly of Azad Jammu and Kashmir presided over by Speaker Shah Ghulam Qadir.
"On this Independence Day of Pakistan, I am with my Kashmiri brothers and sisters," Imran Khan said at the beginning of his speech. "Narendra Modi has made a strategic blunder. He has played his final card," the premier said, adding that it was difficult to talk about Kashmir in the past but now the issue has been internationalised.
"I will be the ambassador who will raise voice for Kashmir," the Prime Minister declared, adding that the entire world's eyes were fixed on Kashmir now.
Imran Khan asserted that there was a need to expose RSS's ideology to the world. "The world does not know that RSS ideology is as dangerous as Nazi ideology," the Prime Minister said, while adding that a normal person cannot make the kind of statements that are being made about Kashmiri women.
"BJP is taking India towards destruction. People are living in fear."
The Prime Minister ended by challenging Modi, that if they take an action, every brick will be countered with a stone.

"We will respond to whatever you do, we will go till the very end," the premier declared.