Khabar Hai: 5000 private schools in Lahore have no parking facility

Khabar Hai - 5000 private schools in Lahore have no parking facility
Lahore: In a startling development, it has been unearthed that as many as 5000 privates schools in Lahore—Punjab’s capital—have no parking facility, thus putting lives of parents, teachers and students at risk.

It was revealed by senior investigative journalist Saeed Qazi in GNN’s widely-watched show Khabar Hai.

Likewise, as many as 1800 government-run schools do not have parking facility.

The data amassed by the senior journalist further revealed that as many as 800 banks do not provide any parking facility to their customers. The situation of marriage halls is not satisfactory too with hundreds of them providing no or little parking facilities.

On the other hand, senior investigative journalist Arif Hameed Bhatti revealed that as many as 200 government vehicles were in use of non-government personalities back then in Shehbaz's era, thus inflicting losses in millions on the national exchequer.

“Situation is not any different in Tabdeeli regime too”, deplored Mr. Bhatti.

Shifting focus on political landscape, Mr. Bhatti revealed that Shehbaz Sharif—opposition leader in the National Assembly (NA)—did not attend all-parties conference [hosted by Fazlur Rehman] as he was holding backdoor negotiations.