21 no-balls of Pakistani bowlers went unnoticed in 1st Test

21 no-balls of Pakistani bowlers went unnoticed in 1st Test
Brisbane: As many as 21 no-balls bowled by Pakistani bowlers on the second day of the 1st Test went unnoticed, GNN has learned.

In a video shared by Australia cricketer Trent Copeland on his Twitter account, the Seven Sports analyst is displaying the no-balls missed by umpires Joel Wilson and Marais Erasmus in a mere two sessions.

Since then, video has gone viral on social media with thousands of re-tweets with fans lambasting a below-par professional behavior displayed by the umpires Joel Wilson and Marais Erasmus.

"Naseem Shah wasn't called on a couple this morning," former Test cricketer Michael Slater said during commentary for Channel 7. "We were saying at the time that he needs to know he's overstepping. Therefore he was unable to know he was doing it and try to make an adjustment. He was well over and he has been on a number of occasions today. It's cost him. Gee, that hurts. It's a big let-off for Warner."

Australia’s former women’s cricketer Lisa Sthalekar, through a tweet, called for the implementation of mechanisms that points out when the bowlers overstep so that they can make the necessary adjustments.