Sarfraz Ahmed declares categories of Central contract 'meaningless'

Sarfraz Ahmed declares categories of Central contract 'meaningless'
Lahore: Former captain Sarfraz Ahmed has declared the A, B, and C category of Central Contract meaningless, following his demotion from A-category in the contract.

Former captain Sarfraz Ahmed said in a statement that all the cricketers included in the central contract are excellent, A, B or C category of the central contract does not matter, adding that B-category also has the best players.

"Fluctuation is a part of the game", Sarfraz said.

The former captain further said that the real goal is to return to the team, B category. I also get along with the best players.

He further said that Shaheen Shah Afridi is a talented cricketer; continuity in his excellent performance is the reason for progress in contract.

It is pertinent to remember that Sarfraz Ahmed has recently been demoted from A to B category in Central Contract.