Farhan Saeed pays tribute to Pakistan’s legendary sportsmen

Farhan Saeed pays tribute to Pakistan’s legendary sportsmen
Karachi: Pakistan’s acclaimed singer turned actor Farhan Saeed has paid tribute to two sports legends of Pakistan.

According to details, Farhan Saeed has started a trend on social media where he is honoring the living legends of Pakistan.

This time he has paid tribute to squash champion Jahangir Khan and former captain of cricket team Javed Miandad.

Taking to social media Farhan celebrated the iconic career of the Jahangir Khan, who has six World Open and record ten British Open titles in his name.

“Celebrating the king of squash, none other than the legendary, Jahangir Khan, your services to Pakistan are exemplary. Thank you for everything.” Farhan wrote.


Honoring Javed Miandad, who is arguably one of the greatest batsmen Pakistan has ever produced, Farhan wrote,

“Celebrating the iconic career of the incredible Javed Miandad, his contribution to cricket and to Pakistan is legendary. Thank you for everything, Javed Sahab – we will forever remain indebted.”


Miandad has held key positions in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) post retirement and was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame in 2009.