"I go back with a good image of Pakistan," Luís Figo - Ex Portugese soccer captain lauds Pakistan's appetite for football

I go back with a good image of Pakistan, Luís Figo - Ex Portugese soccer captain lauds Pakistan appetite for football
Lahore: Football stars Ricardo Kaká and Luís Figo were in Pakistan on Thursday for promotional activities to kick off World Soccer Stars 2019.

"We are going to be here in April for a longer period," Figo said while talking exclusively to GNN's Gharidah Farooqi. He added that he was very happy to see that the people of Pakistan love football and are very enthusiastic about it. "We were given a very warm welcome," Figo added.

The former Portugese midfielder saqid that of the two receptions in Karachi and Lahore, he found that the crowd and the fans were more enthusiastic in Lahore. The football legend said, "It is very nice that people here love football and came to see us".

Figo lauded Pakistan's passion for football by saying, "I appreciate that people here have the appetite for football and to see great events."

When asked about the potential for Soccer in Pakistan, the star player commented, "I think if you hold competitions, you'll always get chances to make it work and more chances to succeed".

Figo also commented that with the proper infrastructure for the sport, any country could acheive success.

While giving a message to those Pakistani fans who want to persue the sport as a career, the soccer star said that dreaming about something is the most important pursuit in life. "Work hard, because determination will give you more chances to acheive your goals."

Finally, Figo said, " I go back with a good image as the people here are very kind, warm and peaceful."