Instagram is testing group story feature after Facebook

Instagram is testing group story feature after Facebook
Weeks after Facebook has discontinued its group feature, Instagram is testing the exact same feature on its platform.

The feature works pretty much same as the name sounds. It works similar to what users see on Snapchat.

When the Group Story feature goes live, you can choose to share the story with only the members of the group you share the story with.

This means, when you create a story and tap on the Sent To icon, along with the Your Story, Close Friends Only, and the DM options, you will also be able to share them to your Instagram DM groups.

Initially the feature is only available for group messages as Instagram does not have groups.

It is noteworthy that the feature is currently being tested and might not make it to the final cut. Considering the Facebook’s experience with it, there are fifty-fifty chances of making it to the social networking platform.