Huawei launches foldable phone in China

Huawei launches foldable phone in China
Huawei has launched a foldable smartphone Mate X in China.

According to details, the phone went on sale for a price of 16,999 yuan (£1,900) on Huawei's online store and reportedly sold out out within minutes.

The company has announced that they will put the phones on sale again on November 22 for those who could not get their hands on the earlier sale.

Those who buying the folding devices would also get 50% off screen-related repairs and replacements.

The 5G Mate X is available in one model featuring an 8in (20.3cm) screen when unfolded. When closed it has two screens - one 6.8in and the smaller one 6.6in.

Huawei did not give a precise number on how many were sold but said that the phone was available in limited quantities for the first sale.

Growing numbers of phone-makers are starting to offer foldable devices. Samsung, Xiaomi and Motorola have both made flexible devices alongside smaller players such as Royole. Other phone-makers, including Apple and Google, are known to be experimenting with their own designs.